You understand your business, we understand the business of business

Your time is valuable and every minute you spend with office work is unpaid time


We do the work that takes time away from your ability to make money, be with family and or needed down time. We offer a variety of services starting at $750 per month.

  1. Payroll we calculate payroll and prepare reports
    1. We will provide you with the data to write your own checks
    2. We can print checks if desired or pay through your banks bill pay
  2. Bookkeeping we can do all the bookkeeping for you
    1. We can print your checks or pay bills or pay through your banks bill pay
    2. Prepare invoices
  3. Human Resources - We can help you find staff saving you time weeding out applicants who do not check out
    1. We can set up and manage benefit plans that cost you little to zero dollars
  4. Everything will be ready come tax time for us to prepare or use your own preparer

  5. Provide clients with information needed to obtain all kinds of business loans along with personal banking support

  6. We will help you with retirement planning


Your Finances Are My Ultimate Concern

Payroll Bookkeeping Human Resources




Your are in control of when to pay withholding taxes

We can do it all or some

Staffing is always time consuming

@yourbackoffice.biz, offer's straight payroll calculation as well as quarterly and annual reports If you want to provide checks for us to print and return to you we can do that or use your bank's bill pay to send checks. @yourbackoffice.biz, we will do the books so you have an income loss statement anytime you need it. We can also pay your bills if you setup bill pay or provide checks. @yourbackoffice.biz understands that employee turnover is always a problem. We can do your initial interview and background checks as well as drug testing to save you valuable time. We also can help you establish benefit plans under IRS 427 plans that cost you zero dollars and can even save you money.

Tax Planning Business Planning Succession Planning




Why just file? Plan for Taxes!

Help you with goals

At some point you will retire

@yourbackoffice.biz we understand most people just deal with income taxes when the time comes, we see taxes as a year round problem and would rather plan ahead and save you money. @yourbackoffice.biz provides clients with information needed to obtain all kinds of business loans along with banking support when needed. @yourbackoffice.biz will help you when it comes time to retire whether you choose to sell to strangers, employees or your children; proper tax planning, as well as financing options and requirements are vital to the transfer. We are there to support you.


Contact us to see how our accounting expertise and personalized services can save you time, money and frustration on all accounting matters.

We do not publish our email, physical address or telephone on purpose just as you will expect privacy in our dealings we do not want spam junk mail and random phone calls​.

However, we are located in Hermon, ME.

Base Price of $750 per month includes payroll for up to 5 employees, business check service up to 100, and bookkeeping.

Whether we write checks or you do we require either a one-write system or duplicate checks for supporting documents to bookkeeping.

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